If the reporter is asking about university or college issues in general, please refer to Jenifer Shockley. If you are responding to questions in your area of expertise, simply send an e-mail to Jenifer after the call is complete, so Communications & Marketing will have a record and can help track if the story was used.
PantherVision was created as the result of a university technology grant designed to improve communications with students. If you have an item that relates to students or activities that students can partake in, fill out the PantherVision Content Display Request form.
Contact Jennifer Oliver. She will assist you in finding the highest quality, most cost-effective resource for the project you have in mind.
Contact the web team at rcbwebmaster@gsu.edu for updates and changes to existing websites.
Diane Moore (demoore@gsu.edu, 404-413-7079) is available to provide advice and counsel on events. In addition, refer to our Events Guide, which has a wide variety of information to help you prepare for your event.
Submit your request to Jenifer Shockley. The request will be evaluated with respect to its importance on this prime piece of online real estate; i.e., items that do the most to assist the college in supporting its overall objectives related to branding and program marketing.
That depends. If a student organization would like PR support, it is normally outside the purview of our day-to-day activities. However, each request is considered on a case-by-case basis.