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Robinson’s Alumni Awards acknowledge extraordinary individuals who have distinguished themselves through career achievement or community service.nnNominations are solicited from college faculty, board members, volunteers, administrators, students, and staff.

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Award categories include

Robinson Alumni Leadership Award (Lifetime Achievement)

This award pays tribute to the superior achievements of Robinson alumni in their chosen fields of endeavor. The common thread among all recipients is a stellar record of distinguished career achievements combined with outstanding contributions to their professions. The selection committee will focus on qualified individuals who serve as role models to current students and to newcomers to their professions.

Robinson Alumni Community Service Award

This award honors those alumni who have selflessly and generously contributed their time and talents for the betterment of their communities. The award bestows recognition on those individuals who have given of themselves in various civic, charitable, philanthropic and social welfare organizations. In instances where the individuals are employed in community service-related or not-for-profit organizations, the individuals shall have an extraordinary record of service and volunteerism well above and beyond the job description of the position held.

Alumni Award for Service to Robinson College

This award is designed to honor those alumni whose dedication and volunteer service have significantly enriched the substance of the Robinson College. Their efforts have added depth and stature to the reputation of the college. In the occasional instance where the recipients are (or have been) college employees, they shall have extraordinary service records — well above and beyond the job description of the position held.

Robinson Alumni Global Business Award

This award will be presented to those alumni who have achieved remarkable success in the international business arena. Those considered may be associated with companies headquartered in the United States or abroad.

Robinson Outstanding Young Alumnus/a Award

This award will be made on the basis of outstanding contributions to the fields of business or public service by alumni who have graduated from the Robinson College (undergraduate or graduate) within the last 10 years.

Robinson Alumni Technology Leadership Award

This award recognizes an individual who has achieved extraordinary success in the technology arena. Recipients will have demonstrated their creativity and innovation in fields such as electronic commerce, decision modeling, software development, etc.

Robinson Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship

This award recognizes an individual who has achieved outstanding success in the field of entrepreneurial endeavor. The intent is to recognize those who have implemented innovative business ideas, resulting in extraordinary success.

Robinson Honorary Alumnus/a

In some years, the selection committee may choose to honor special individuals with the Honorary Alumnus Award. The recipients, while not Robinson graduates, will be chosen for their unique contributions that singularly qualify them for special recognition as members of the Robinson College community and family.