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Sharry Anderson Conroy
associate director, Career Advancement Center

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Jason Aldrich
assistant dean for strategic partnerships and career advancement

The J. Mack Robinson College of Business has launched Panthers in the Valley, a new signature program designed to immerse students into one of the world’s most innovative business environments – Silicon Valley.

We took our first-ever cohort to California in March.

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About the Program

Panthers in the Valley will expose students to Silicon Valley’s unique entrepreneurial and innovative culture. This will allow participants to compete for internships and full-time jobs in Silicon Valley while at the same time providing area employers access to top talent from one of the most diverse student bodies in the United States.

The trip will include meetings with early stage start-ups, venture capitalists and high-tech stalwarts.

Panthers in the Valley will build on Robinson’s proven track record of providing students with immersive and experiential opportunities that accelerate their professional development and have the potential to transform their careers.

Who is eligible?

Both undergraduate and graduate students from the analytics, computer information systems and entrepreneurship programs at the Robinson College of Business; computer science majors from Georgia State’s College of Arts and Sciences; and students from Georgia State’s College of Law are eligible to apply.

We will invite more than 100 students to apply to the program.

Through an intense professional development process, we expect 18-20 finalists will make the four-day trip, which will occur Sunday, October 8 – Wednesday, October 11, 2017.


How You Can Get Involved

We are looking for professionals and companies to partner with us to share this experience with our students. We hope the best practices identified below spark your imagination about how you might become involved. Our collaborative approach to the development of signature programs includes incorporating others’ feedback and ideas, so please feel free to share yours with us.

Organization Hosts

Visiting innovative organizations, meeting professionals at a variety of levels who work there, and engaging with them in meaningful ways is the hallmark of our signature programs. In the past, our best visits typically run 1.5 to 2 hours and include the following elements:

Career Opportunities
Learning about internships, entry-level roles and career paths
Young Professionals
Panel discussions and networking roundtables
Many organizations have interesting physical spaces and will provide a tour of the facility.
Firms often host us over breakfast or lunch, or offer refreshments.

Alumni Champions

Alumni are used to champion the idea of their organization or to leverage their network to identify other organizations to become a host. Alumni Champions and Friends of Robinson also provide support in the following ways:

Alums and friends are invited to a networking reception with students, faculty and leadership as part of the program, which provides an opportunity to form valuable connections.
Career Opportunities and Mentoring
Identifying internships and jobs along with mentoring students involved in this experience is an invaluable way to support the program.

Unique Experiential Opportunities

In order to maximize the learning opportunity, we proactively collaborate with firms who host our students to make their visit experiential.

Examples include:

Morning Call
Students have listened in on the morning conference call of an equity research team of an investment bank and engaged in follow-up discussion.
One firm asked students to join them in a new product development meeting.
Several organizations have provided information on a current issue to review and analyze prior to meeting and asked students to engage with a subject matter expert.
Student Team Projects
We actively are seeking firms who are interested in having our students engage in a team project as part of this new program.

Financial Support

Alums and friends often support our signature programs by helping to underwrite the cost of the program. Over time, many signature program alumni go on to support these experiences financially as well.