Cuddle Up

Posted On November 2, 2015 by Bobbin Wages
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Rahim Charania, founder and CEO of American Fueling Systems, wears uncertainty like a warm blanket.

Changing the World One Degree at a Time

Posted On October 5, 2015 by Andrea Judy
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In five years, the Global Impact Project (GIP) at Georgia State University has raised over $100,000 dollars and sent over 20 young Kenyan women to college. The GIP pays the tuition for young women majoring in business. These women would have no chance to attend college without this help.

Hospitality a World Away

Posted On August 3, 2015 by Andrea Judy
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Through an international exchange program in Robinson College’s Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality Administration, undergraduate student Anna Boswell spent a semester studying in Macao, China, at the Institute for Tourism Studies.

The Risk is Worth the Reward

Posted On July 20, 2015 by Jeremy Craig
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An international border, funding his own travel and having no firm plans didn’t stop James Supreme from following his passion.

James Supreme doesn’t take “we’ll let you know” for an answer.

When a call from the tour management of hip-hop artist Drake went out over Twitter, searching for young talent to help produce a… more »