The FDC offers workshops to enhance your teaching experience and skills.

All of the workshops take place in the Manners Room (710, RCB Building).

2015 Workshops

Date Workshop Panelists
Thursday, January 22 Incorporating Critical Thinking and Writing Effectively in Your Course – Methods, Measurements, and Managing Resistance to Critical Thinking

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Satish Nargundkar (MGS), Kay Bunch (MGS), Jacobus Boers (IIB)

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2014 Workshops

Date Workshop Panelists
Thursday, November 13 Professionalism and Academic Honesty Standards for RCB Students William Bogner, Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs; Darryl B. Holloman, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students; Rebecca Stout, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Thursday, October 30 Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Promotion Arun Rai (CIS)
Thursday, October 16 IRB Approval Process

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Ann Kruger, Chair of the Expedited Board; Susan Laury, Chair of the Full Board; Sheila White, Director HRPP
Tuesday, September 30 AACSB Accreditation Process and Visit: What you need to know and do Tracy Widman (Dean’s Office)
Wednesday, April 2 Incorporating a Component of Career Development in Your Courses Harley “Chip” Ryan (FI), Beverly Langford (MKT), Jason Aldrich (executive director, CMC), Marilyn Santiago (associate director, CMC)
Thursday, February 20 Rescheduled Presentation by College’s Promotion and Tenure Committee and Q&A Arun Rai (CIS), other committee members
Tuesday, January 14 Canceled due to weather Presentation by College’s Promotion and Tenure Committee and Q&A Arun Rai (CIS), other committee members

Past workshops in 2013

Date Workshop Panelists
Wednesday, November 13 Electronic Delivery: The Future of University Education? Ephraim McLean (CIS), Richard Welke (CEPRIN), Curt Carver (CIO, University System of Georgia)
Wednesday, October 16 Strategies for Maintaining Research Productivity Throughout Your Career Richard Baskerville (CIS), Dan Robey (Emeritus), Ajay Subramanian (RMI)
Wednesday, September 18
  1. Developing Multi-Disciplinary/Networked Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities
  2. Instructional Innovation Grant: Some tips from a multiple time winner of the grant
  1. Richard Baskerville (CIS), Chris Lemley (MKT), Rich Phillips (Associate Dean for Academic Initiatives and Innovation)
  2. Satish Nargundkar (MGS)

Past workshops in 2011-2012

Date Workshop Panelists
Thursday, September 22 Managing Research Collaborations Detmar Straub (CIS), Ram Sriram (ACCT), Rich Phillips (RMI)
Wednesday, October 19 Making It Easier for Faculty to Raise the Quality of Writing Across the Business Curriculum Pam Ellen (MKT), Linda Willis (MKT)
  Integrating Cross Platform Social Media in Class Projects Bala Ramesh (CIS)
Thursday, November 10 A Vision for RCB Research Dean Fenwick Huss
Thursday, January 19 Takeaways from a Harvard Case Teaching Workshop David Lee (MGS), David Nasser (MKT), Chip Ryan (FI), Andy Sumner (HA), Yusen Xia (MGS)
Wednesday, February 15 Improving Your chances of acceptance: How to best do revise and resubmit Richard Baskerville (CIS), Tamer Cavusguil (IIB), Naveen Donthu (MKT)
Wednesday, March 21 Promotion and Tenure N/A

Past workshops in 2010-2011

Date Workshop Panelist
Wednesday, March 16 Promotion and Tenure Arun Rai (CIS/CEPRIN), Lawrence Brown (ACCT), Martin Grace (RMI), Omesh Kini (FI), Ben Tepper (MGS)
Wednesday, February 16 Academic Honesty Issues in the Classroom Rebecca Stout (associate vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students), Peter Lindsay (director, Center for Teaching and Learning), Pete Eisemann (Talmage Dobbs, Jr. Professor of Teaching Excellence and Professor of Finance)
Thursday, January 20 Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration Lars Mathiassen (CIS/CEPRIN), William Custer (HA), Sub Samaddar (MGS)
Thursday, November 18 Healthcare Research in Business Schools Abhay Mishra (HA), Pat Ketsche (HA), Upkar Varshney (CIS)
Wednesday, November 3 International Directions for RCB: The CIBER Grant and RCB’s Global Footprint Ihsen Ketata (CIBER), Pam Barr (MGS), Jacobus Boers (CIBER), Dean Fenwick Huss
Wednesday, September 22 Developing a High-impact Research Agenda Martin Grace (RMI), V. Kumar (MKT), Lynn Hannan (ACCT)