Interested in Analytics but Coming up Short on Math?

Posted On March 14, 2017 by Jennifer Oliver
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If you are interested in a career in analytics, but don’t have the math prerequisites, we have a summer course for you. Mathematical Foundations for Analytics is now being offered by the Robinson College of Business for individuals who need to expand their knowledge in calculus and linear algebra. Whether you haven’t had these classes, or just haven’t had them in years, during this four-week summer course, you can gain all the knowledge you need to meet the prerequisites for Robinson’s widely recognized Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) program.

After completing Robinson’s Master of Science in Analytics program, you will be uniquely qualified to join the big data revolution. Graduates of Robinson’s MSA program are ideal candidates for the range of data-driven jobs that have emerged across a variety of sectors such as data science, quantitative marketing analysis, credit risk analysis, predictive modeling, health informatics and web analytics.

Unlike other programs of its kind, Robinson’s Master of Science in Analytics houses a big data lab, with its own Hadoop cluster, where students work with real data sets to find solutions to issues our company partners are facing. We offer students unmatched hands-on opportunities to apply technical concepts to actual business problems.

If this program is of interest to you, be sure to brush up on your math with our Mathematical Foundations for Analytics.

If you have not yet applied to Robinson for the MSA program, the final application deadline is June 15. Your application can be approved contingent on the completion of this course.

Interested in Robinson’s Master of Actuarial Science or Master of Science of Mathematical Risk Management? Mathematical Foundations for Analytics may be just the course to prepare you as well.

For more information on any of these programs, or to register for the summer class, please contact