Master of Business Administration/Juris Doctor

A versatile education is critical to your success in the dynamic worlds of law and business. Robinson’s MBA/JD program offers students the training, skill building, and professional exposure needed to thrive in the cross-section of law and business sectors.


In-state students
full-time: $32,958
part-time: $29,304
Out-of-state students
full-time: $52,556
part-time: $44,000

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Students will apply to Robinson College of Business and submit a second application to the College of Law. On the Robinson College of Business application, select MBA/JD on the dropdown menu.
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Robinson College of Business

April Williams

College of Law

Robert Weber

Fluency and flexibility
Fluency in legal and business language and concepts makes you a more valuable asset to your employer because you are uniquely positioned to consult clients and colleagues on a range of matters.
Increase in industry options
From entry-level to C-suite positions, an increase in credentials means an increase in the industries in which you can work and your earning potential. Dual-degree students also are ideally positioned to handle governance, risk management and compliance responsibilities in the medical, insurance, financial, and other growing, highly regulated fields.
Efficient evolution
Working as a full- or part-time student, you can save money and time by simultaneously attaining two degrees. Each program accepts credits from the other, resulting in a lower number of total courses you must complete.
Develop your network
Whether you’re a full time student or working for a leading organization, you’ll find a strong network of the peers and mentors from a wide variety of industry perspectives who can help inspire and ignite your career.


After being accepted, students will work with their academic advisor to create a plan of study for the MBA/JD degree.