Master of Business Administration/Master of Health Administration


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Propel your career
We prepare future executives for managerial positions in healthcare and business organizations by building an understanding of the pragmatic applications of theoretical concepts applied to operational issues through health casework and involvement with healthcare facilities throughout the program.

Industry Placements

The following data was culled from 2014-15.


Frontline Feedback

Atlanta has been recognized as the health IT capital of the United States, so it makes sense that Robinson’s MBA/MHA dual degree produces graduates who are ready to manage any sector of the healthcare field.

The perfect pedigree
The Master of Business Administration/Master of Health Administration dual degree program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) and has certified memberships in the Business School Alliance for Health Management as well as the Association of University Programs in Health Administration.

The MBA/MHA program is accredited by CAHME, the Commission on Accreditation of Health Management Education.

Confidence through competency
In compliance with CAHME, we have built a competency model that defines the set of knowledge, skills and abilities students should possess upon completion of the MBA/MHA degree program at Georgia State University. These 20 competencies fall into four domains.

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Razor sharp curriculum
We use casework and involvement with healthcare facilities to develop an understanding of market forces, policy formulation, and strategic management, as well as the technical skills necessary for healthcare or business management. We integrate decision-making theory and information technology, and emphasize the values, ethics and attitudes needed to succeed in healthcare leadership roles.

Program Accolade

Robinson’s MBA/M.H.A. has received the CAHME/Cerner Award for Excellence in Healthcare Management Systems Education. In this video, the Institute of Health Administration thanks both organizations for this recognition.


Cornerstone Core

5 courses | 13.5 hours

  • MBA 8000 – Managing in the Global Economy (3 hours)
  • MBA 8015 – Strategic Business Communication (3 hours)
  • MBA 8025 – Financial Statement Analysis (3 hours)
  • MBA 8040 – Data Driven Decision Making (3 hours)
  • MBA 8045 – Analytics Experience (1.5 hours)

HA Coursework

12 courses | 36 hours

  • HA 8160 – Introduction to the Health Care System (3 hours)
  • HA 8450 – Legal Environment of Health Care (3 hours)
  • HA 8190 – Health Policy and Ethics (3 hours)
  • HA 8250 – Health Economics and Financing (3 hours)
  • HA 8440 – Executive Leadership in Health Care (3 hours)
  • HA 8550 – Healthcare Planning and Financial Management (3 hours)
  • HA 8620 – Operations Management and Quality in Health Care (3 hours)
  • HA 8670 – Health Information Systems (3 hours)
  • HA 8700 – Health Services Research and Evaluation Methods
  • HA 8750 – Predictive Analytics in Health Care (3 hours)
  • HA 8990 – Strategic Management in Health Care (3 hours)
  • HA 8680 – Care Management and Delivery Systems (3 hours)

Functional Core

5 courses | 15 hours

  • Choose one of the following:

    • MBA 8125 – Digital Innovation (3 hours)
    • MGS 8730 – Project Management (3 hours)
    • CIS 8000 – Information Technology Project Management (3 hours)
  • MBA 8115 – Managerial Control and Costing Systems (3 hours)
  • MBA 8135 – Corporate Finance (3 hours)
  • MBA 8145 – Strategic Marketing Management (3 hours)
  • MBA 8165 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior (3 hours)


1 course | 3 hours

Students develop and refine their managerial capabilities during HA 8810 – Administrative Residency.

Past administrative residency placements include:

  • Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation
  • Johns Hopkins Health System
  • Piedmont Health System
  • Washington University Medical Center
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • The Emory Clinic
  • Grady Health System