Vikas Agarwal H. Talmage Dobbs, Jr. Chair of Finance and Professor
Charlotte Alexander Assistant Professor
Andrea Aria Clinical Assistant Professor
Rasha Ashraf Clinical Assistant Professor
Hadiye Aslan Assistant Professor
Aaron M. Baird Assistant Professor
Hiram C. Barksdale Jr. Associate Professor
Pamela S. Barr Department Chair and Professor
Richard L. Baskerville Professor
Douglas A. Battleson Visiting Academic Professional
Daniel Bauer New York Life Professor of Insurance and Associate Professor
David R. Beard Lecturer
Daniel C. Bello Director and Professor
Nathan Bennett Associate Dean for Program Innovation and Professor
Florin Bidian Assistant Professor
Enrico Biffis Associate Professor
Perry Z. Binder Clinical Associate Professor of Legal Studies
Jacobus F. Boers Assistant Dean for International Engagement and Senior Lecturer
William C. Bogner Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Associate Professor
Soyoung Boo Lecturer
A. Faye Borthick Professor
Genna Brown Sr. Lecturer
David C. Bruce Clinical Professor
Kay J. Bunch Instructor
Deborah S. Butler Clinical Associate Professor
Loren Vern Buysman Lecturer
Kris Byron Associate Professor
Marie Cameron Lecturer
Debra F. Cannon Director and Associate Professor
S. Sean Cao Assistant Professor
Pedro E. Carrillo Senior Lecturer
Curtis A. Carver Jr. Clinical Professor
S. Tamer Cavusgil Professor
Mark A. Chen Associate Professor
Yichen Cheng Assistant Professor
Conrad S. Ciccotello Chair and Associate Professor
Kris J. Clark Instructor
Cathy J. Cobb-Walgren Associate Professor
Thomas A. Conklin Clinical Associate Professor
Koray Cosguner Assistant Professor
Jan R. Costello Instructor
Carolyn F. Curasi Associate Professor
William S. Custer Associate Professor
Carlo D’Augusta Assistant Professor
Kofie Q. Dadzie Associate Professor
Mourad Dakhli Clinical Associate Professor
Matthew DeAngelis Assistant Professor
Alejandro Del Valle Assistant Professor
Rajeev Dhawan Carl R. Zwerner Chair of Economic Forecasting; Director, Economic Forecasting Center
Nikos Dimotakis Assistant Professor
Steven S. Dionne Clinical Assistant Professor
Naveen Donthu Katherine S. Bernhardt Research Professor, Distinguished University Professor and Chair
Evaristo F. Doria Lecturer
Irene M. Duhaime Professor
Robert Eaton Visiting Lecturer
Pam Scholder Ellen Associate Professor
Sevgin Eroglu Associate Professor
Xiaohua Fang Assistant Professor
Mohammad Javad Feizollahi Assistant Professor
Richard J. Fendler Clinical Associate Professor
Christopher J. Fenn Instructor
David R. Forquer Assistant Dean for Executive Programs and Instructor
Gerald D. Gay Department Chair and Professor
Karen M. Gibler Associate Professor
Greg Gimpel Clinical Assistant Professor
Jonathan M. Godbey Clinical Assistant Professor
Kelly Anne Grace Clinical Assistant Professor
Martin F. Grace Regents Professor ,
Ryan C. Grelecki Clinical Assistant Professor
Wenjun (Wen) Gu Clinical Assistant Professor
Qian (Cecilia) Gu Assistant Professor
Ken Guthrie Visiting Instructor
Glenn W. Harrison Director, Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk; Professor and Holder of the C.V. Starr Chair
Chad A. Hartnell Assistant Professor
Shuguang Hong Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Chair
J.J. Po-An Hsieh Associate Professor
Lixin Huang Associate Professor
Wael Jabr Assistant Professor
Leonard Jackson Clinical Professor
Wesley J. Johnston CBIM Roundtable Professor of Marketing
Michael S. Jordan Visiting Associate Professor
Dalida Kadyrzhanova Assistant Professor
Ilke Kardes Visiting Assistant Professor
Mark Keil John B. Zellars Professor of Computer Information Systems
Patricia G. Ketsche Associate Professor
Heechun Kim Assistant Professor
Soon-Ho Kim Graduate Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor
Omesh Kini Distinguished University Professor
Robert W. Klein Associate Professor
V. Kumar Regents Professor; Richard and Susan Lenny Distinguished Chair in Marketing; Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management ,
Lisa Schurer Lambert Associate Professor and Director of RCB Ph.D. Program
K. Christopher Lemley Instructor
Kenneth C. Levine Instructor
Di Li Assistant Professor
Jeremy Lill Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Lim Assistant Professor
Songqi Liu Assistant Professor
Leigh Anne Liu Associate Professor
Karen D. Loch Professor
Ritu Lohtia Associate Professor
Michael J. Majerczyk Assistant Professor
Likoebe M Maruping Associate Professor
Brett P. Matherne Assistant Dean for Professional and Flexible MBA Programs and Clinical Associate Professor
Lars Mathiassen GRA Eminent Scholar; Center for Process Innovation
Todd J. Maurer Associate Dean for Research Strategy
Andy McGowan Visiting Instructor
Ephraim R. McLean Regents' Professor and George E. Smith Eminent Scholar's Chair
Alfred Mettler H. Talmage Dobbs, Jr. Professorship for Teaching Excellence in Finance and Clinical Associate Professor
Edward W. Miles Associate Professor
Abhay Nath Mishra Associate Professor ,
Péter Molnár Visiting Academic Professional
Daniel Montanera Assistant Professor
James (“Robbie”) Moon, Jr. Assistant Professor
Curtis Mullis Assistant Professor
Scott Murray Assistant Professor
Satish V. Nargundkar Clinical Associate Professor
David L. Nasser Clinical Assistant Professor
Siva Nathan Associate Professor
Vee Nelson Visiting Instructor
Sushil Nifadkar Assistant Professor
Jay O’Toole Assistant Professor and Faculty Affiliate, Creative Media Industries Institute
Jeong-ha (Cath) Oh Assistant Professor
Rhonda S. Palladi Instructor
Edwin K. Palmer Assistant Professor
Jeffrey R. Parker Assistant Professor
Kathleen Partridge Lecturer
Anita Luo Pawluk Assistant Professor
Ahmad Peivandi Assistant Professor
Liang Peng Professor
Richard D. Phillips Dean and C.V. Starr Professor of Risk Management and Insurance
Bruce K. Pilling Associate Professor
Donetta Poisson Clinical Assistant Professor
Casey Potts Visiting Lecturer
Penelope B. Prime Director, Master of International Business Program; Director, China Research Center; Clinical Professor
Arun Rai Regents’ Professor of the University System of Georgia and J. Mack Robinson Chair; Center for Process Innovation
Balasubramaniam Ramesh Interim Chair and Board of Advisors Professor
Tad D. Ransopher Assistant Professor
Edward Rigdon Professor
Ann Ritter Visiting Instructor
William N. Robinson Associate Professor
Wendy Swenson Roth Clinical Assistant Professor
Craig K. Ruff Clinical Associate Professor
Harley E. “Chip” Ryan, Jr. Associate Professor
Alok R. Saboo Assistant Professor
Subhashish Samaddar Professor
Kurt Schmitz Clinical Assistant Professor
Galen R. Sevcik Director and Professor
Denish Shah Barbara and Elmer Sunday Professor of Marketing; Director, Master of Science in Marketing Program; Associate Professor
Charles S. Shapiro Senior Lecturer and President of World Affairs Council
Peggy B. Sherman Clinical Associate Professor
Zhen Shi Assistant Professor
J.P. Shim Director of RCB Korean Initiatives
Stephen H. Shore Professor
Milind M. Shrikhande Clinical Professor
Lucia Nasuti Smeal Clinical Assistant Professor
Gary H. Smith Lecturer
Sanjay Srivastava Associate Dean for Strategy and Special Projects; Interim Director, Institute for Insight
Douglas E. Stevens Associate Professor
Veda C. Storey Tull Professor of Computer Information Systems
Ajay Subramanian Bruce A. Palmer Professor
Andrew T. Sumner Joe Taylor Chair in Health Administration and Director
Quinn T. Swanquist Assistant Professor
Ivo D. Tafkov Associate Professor
John P. Thielman Associate Director, Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR)
Corliss G. Thornton Associate Professor
Kyle M. Townsend Visiting Lecturer
Duane P. Truex III Associate Professor
Eric Ulm Clinical Assistant Professor
Nita Umashankar Assistant Professor
Deepa Varadarajan Assistant Professor
Upkar Varshney Associate Professor
J. Cameron Verhaal Assistant Professor
Bronis J. Verhage Professor
Walter L. Wallace Instructor
Richard J. Welke Director, Center for Process Innovation and Professor
Harold A. Weston Clinical Associate Professor
Marta S. White Clinical Associate Professor
Jon Wiley Richard E. Bowers Professorship in Real Estate and Associate Professor
Susan L. Willey Clinical Professor of Legal Studies
Linda P. Willis Instructor, Business Communication Program
Barry Wood Academic Professional; Director, PACE program
Ramsi Woodcock Assistant Professor ,
Yusen Xia Professor and Associate Director, Institute for Insight ,
Ling Xue Assistant Professor
Baozhong Yang Assistant Professor
Vincent Yao Associate Professor
Michael C. Yates Clinical Assistant Professor
Stephen P. Young Lecturer
George H. Zanjani AAMGA Distinguished Chair in Risk Management and Insurance and Associate Professor
G. Peter Zhang Professor
Yi Zhao Associate Professor
Dmitry Zhdanov Assistant Professor
Flora Zhou Assistant Professor