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Brett P. Matherne

Assistant Dean for Professional and Flexible MBA Programs and Clinical Associate Professor    
  • Ph.D, Georgia State University - Strategic Management
  • MBA, Louisiana State University - Internal Auditing Concentration
  • BS, Louisiana State University - International Trade and Finance
  • Strategic Change and Adapatation
  • Private Equity Funding as an Entrepreneurial Infrastructure Mechanism
  • Intersection of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Pedagogy

Dr. Matherne’s research is published in Journal of Business Venturing, European Management Journal, Journal of Management Education, Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Perspectives and Journal of International Entrepreneurship. His research is cited in more than 80 other publications and in five different languages. His research primarily focuses on strategic change due to dynamic industry infrastructure mechanisms. His current research includes an investigates the level of entrepreneurship content within strategic management pedagogical repositories and strategic responses within the cinema industry to industry dynamism.

Dr. Matherne previously consulted with Westinghouse Corp., UPS and DynMcDermott as well as many entrepreneurial firms. He brings a wealth of real-world experience into his classes from his prior work as Controller in his family’s business, commercial banker and Small Business Development Center Counselor. He primarily teaches Business Policy class for undergraduates, the capstone course for all College of Business majors.


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