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Daniel Montanera

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D. Economics, The University of Western Ontario
M.A. Economics, Queen’s University
B.A. Economics and Political Science, King’s University College at The University of Western Ontario


Health economics
Microeconomic theory
Public economics


Professor Montanera uses game theory and principal-agent theory to model the interactions between health insurers and providers. He then investigates how changes in external factors affect these relationships, and the resulting cost and quality of the health insurance. Specifically, he studies the effects of medical malpractice liability costs on the cost and quality of consumer health insurance. His latest research investigates the potential role of competitive bidding in mitigating provider risk selection.

In the past three years, Professor Montanera has moved from being a limited term lecturer to a tenure-track assistant professor in the Institute of Health Administration. He is active in preparing GSU student representatives to compete in annual national health administration case competitions, including the NAHSE Student Case Competition and the UAB Health Administration Case Competition. He gives regular seminars reinforcing effective techniques for strategic communication at IHA orientation sessions and the IHA internal case competition.

Prior to his work at GSU, Professor Montanera pursued graduate studies in Economics at Queen’s University and the University of Western Ontario in the fields of health economics, public economics, and microeconomic theory. He also lectured for three years in microeconomics at the undergraduate level.

At GSU, Professor Montanera teaches courses in undergraduate health care systems and both graduate and undergraduate health economics.

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