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Duane P. Truex III

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton
M.B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton
B.F.A.-Music, Ithaca College


Information systems development
Information technology infrastructures
Telecom and networks
International system development
e-commerce BtoB and electronic data interchange
Labor Unions and System Development and Implementation


Truex’s work experience includes 14 years as a chief executive of various nonprofit arts agencies (symphony orchestras, art councils and museums in Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana and New York) before completing a Ph.D. with the intention of building expert systems for the management of nonprofit organizations.

Prior to his present position, he was on the faculty of the School of Management at Binghamton University and served as the director of the graduate MBA/Arts Administration program. His present research interests include the interaction of organizational change and organizational culture on the information systems development process in emergent organizational settings, and on the changing skill sets required of the IS professional and their home organizations. He has published in IEEE Transactions and IFIP Transactions.

Truex is the faculty director for the international exchange program between the University of Nantes (France) and GSU’s Robinson College of Business. Truex has been a Leverhulme Research Fellow in the United Kingdom at the University of Salford, England. He has also been a visiting professor at Aalborg University, Denmark and has taught at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business, Digital Technology Management Program in Mikkeli, Finland. He has presented research colloquia in Canada, Denmark, England, Ireland, Finland, France, Norway, Scotland, South Korea and the U.S. He has served on the faculty at SUNY Binghamton, Cornell Universiy, Florida International University and Georgia State University and has been a chaired Professor of Industrial Economics in Sweden.

In May 2010, Truex served as co-President of the15eme Colloque de l’Association information et Management, La Rochelle, France. Truex served on the organizing committee for the International Conference of Information Systems (ICIS) in Paris 2008 and was co-chair of the 2008 ICIS Doctoral Consortium and the 2009 Doctoral Awards Committee. He was the General Chair of the 2007 International Conference on Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT ’07), Gyeongiu, South Korea and was co-program chair of the 2004 IFIP WG 8.2 Conference on “Information Systems Research: Relevant Theory and Informed Practice,” Manchester England.

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