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Evaristo F. Doria

  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), University of St. Thomas, MN
  • M.i.M., University of St. Thomas, MN
  • B.B.A., Catholic Univeristy Uruguay, South America
  • international business strategy
  • Latin America

Dr. Evaristo F. Doria has worked as a corporate executive in strategic marketing and sales in Latin America and Asia for Fortune 100 companies for more than two decades.

Dr. Doria co-leads the US – Latin America Program (USLAT) at the Institute of International Business. USLAT, an initiative of the IIB, connects U.S. businesses and entrepreneurs to their counterparts in Latin America. IIB faculty provide a range of technical assistance for market entry and expansion and facilitate successful global business.

Doria has authored several articles and books in his field targeted mainly to the Spanish-speaking business community.

  • Doria, E. with Bruce, D. & Carrillo, P, (2015) Oasis, In Search of Extraordinary Business Growth Overseas.
  • Doria, E. & Rico, R. (2008). Export marketing. El nuevo marketing internacional de las empresas y los paises de Latinoamerica. Buenos Aires: Pearson Educacion.
  • Doria, E. & Rico, R (2005). Retail Marketing. El Nuevo marketing para el negocio minorista. Buenos Aires: Pearson Educacion.