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Heechun Kim

Assistant Professor    

Ph.D., W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
M.S., Hanyang University, Korea
B.A., Hanyang University, Korea


Multinational strategy
Emerging market multinationals
Corporate governance


Dr. Kim’s research interests include multinational strategy, emerging market multinationals, and corporate governance, especially in the context of emerging economies. His research appears in several leading journals including Organization Science and Journal of International Business Studies. Prior to joining the GSU in 2009, Dr. Kim served on the business school faculty of Wayne State University.

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  • Kim, Heechun, Robert E. Hoskisson, and Seung-Hyun Lee. “Why strategic factor markets matter: ‘New’ multinationals’ geographic diversification and firm profitability.” Strategic Management Journal, 36(2015): 518-536.
  • Kim, Hicheon, Heechun Kim, and Robert E. Hoskisson. “Does market-oriented institutional change in an emerging economy make business group-affiliated multinationals perform better? An institution-based view.” Journal of International Business Studies, 41(2010): 1141-1160.
  • Kim, Hicheon, Heechun Kim, and Peggy Lee. “Ownership Structure and the Relationship between Financial Slack and R&D Investments: Evidence from Korean Firms.” Organization Science, 19(2008) 404-418.
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