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J.P. Shim

Director of RCB Korean Initiatives    
  • Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • MBA, Seoul National University
  • Certificate, Harvard Business School
  • decision support technology
  • wireless telecommunications
  • cellular phone TV standard
  • digital multimedia broadcasting
  • ubiquitous computing and commerce

Dr. J.P. Shim was professor of IS and Larry and Tonya Favreau Notable Scholar at Mississippi State University before joining GSU in 2011. He has published five books and 70 journal articles. Recently, his co-authored paper has been cited as top in SSCI citations, Elsevier citations, and downloads in decision support systems.

Dr. Shim served as program chair and track chair at numerous conferences. He is serving on the Wireless Telecommunication Symposium as program chair. He serves as program co-chair for 2013 AMCIS.

He has received professional awards, grants and distinctions, including NSF, Microsoft, U.S. Small Business Administration, and Japan Foundation. He is a frequent invited speaker (more than 300 times) at universities, research institutes, and companies in 30 countries. He has had interviews with CBS TV, Associated Press, and numerous media/press. He worked as a consultant for Booz-Allen, KIA Motors, and others.

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