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Jay O’Toole

Assistant Professor and Faculty Affiliate, Creative Media Industries Institute    
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.S., Miami University
  • strategy
  • entrepreneurship
  • innovation

Jay O’Toole’s research program primarily focuses on two broad phenomena—innovation and entrepreneurship—and applies behavioral theories of the firm and socio-psychological theories to better understand why and under what conditions firms and teams are innovative and how young firms navigate challenges of growing their firms. Much of his research has a special emphasis on the creative industries.

  • Matherne, B. & O’Toole, J. (2017) “Uber: Aggressive management for growth.” The CASE Journal. 13(4)
  • Ciuchta, M. & J. O’Toole. 2016. Buy local? Organizational identity in the localism movement. Business & Society.
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  • Ciuchta, M. & J. O’Toole. 2016. Looks and linguistics: Impression formation in online exchange marketplaces. The Journal of Social Psychology.
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  • Miner, A., Y. Gong, T. Baker, & J. O’Toole. 2011. How does TMT prior experience shape strategy? A routine based framework based on evidence from founding teams. In M. Carpenter (Ed.), Handbook of Top Management Team Research. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.
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