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Jonathan M. Godbey

Clinical Assistant Professor    

Ph.D., University of Georgia


Asset pricing
Portfolio management


Dr. Godbey’s primary interests are asset pricing, hedging and financial education. Prior to coming to Georgia State University he was a member of the faculty at James Madison University and Auburn University.

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  • Bertus, Mark, Jonathan M. Godbey, Christoph Hinkelmann, and James Mahar, “Noise, equity prices, and hedging: A new approach,” International Review of Financial Analysis, December 2008, 886-902.
  • Arnold, Tom, Mark Bertus and Jonathan M. Godbey, “A Simplified Approach to Understanding the Kalman Filter Technique,” The Engineering Economist, April-June 2008, 140-155.
  • Godbey, Jonathan M. and Jimmy E. Hilliard, “Adjusting stacked-hedge ratios for stochastic convenience yield: a minimum variance approach,” Quantitative Finance, June 2007, 289-300.