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Leonard Jackson

Clinical Professor    
  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
  • M.S., Oklahoma State University
  • M.S.E., University of Florida
  • MBA, University of Guelph
  • M.Acc, Florida Atlantic University
  • B.A./B.Comm, Ryerson University
  • A.A., George Brown College
  • graduate certificate, information assurance, Oklahoma State University
  • business development and venture creation
  • non-financial disclosures
  • revenue management practices
  • asset management and real estate investment trusts performance
  • information assurance and security in the hospitality industry
  • corporate responsibility and green practices in the lodging industry
  • pricing of lodging goods and services hospitality investments
  • hospitality business financial performance

Dr. Jackson’s academic background spans several business disciplines. In addition to his academic degrees, he also earned certificates in revenue management and hotel real estate investment and asset management from Cornell University and is certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (a United States intergovernmental organization that sets policy for the security of the U.S. security systems) as a certified risk analyst. Dr. Jackson also earned the following professional certifications: Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive, Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager, Certification in Hotel Industry Analytics, Certified Hospitality Technology Professional, and Certified Hospitality Educator. He also studied German at the Neue Sprach und Handelsschule, Basel, Switzerland.

Dr. Jackson’s academic positions prior to joining Georgia State University include hospitality program director and associate professor. His teaching expertise encompasses the areas of entrepreneurial studies, revenue management, accounting and financial management, hotel real estate planning and development, lodging operations management, hospitality information technology and accounting information systems.

Prior to entering academia, Dr. Jackson acquired extensive experience in the hospitality industry. He held senior managerial positions with leading hospitality enterprises including resorts and commercial hotels, a free-standing restaurant and a national airline. His corporate experience includes positions in the areas of financial controlling, accounting, auditing and lodging operations management. Dr. Jackson’s international experience includes living, working and studying in the Caribbean, North America, Central America and Europe. He was also co-founded and managed his own venture.

Dr. Jackson’s research interests span the disciplines of accounting, strategic tourism management, hotel real estate development, finance and management information systems. Specific interests include venture creation and growth, non-financial disclosures, revenue management practices, lodging real estate investment trusts performance, information assurance and security in the hospitality industry, corporate responsibility and green practices in the lodging industry, pricing of lodging goods and services, hospitality investments and hospitality business financial performance. He has published more than 60 scholarly and professional articles and has presented his work at academic and industry conferences. His work has been cited in both industry and leading academic publications. Dr. Jackson has also consulted with and executed executive and professional development workshops for national and international corporations. Dr. Jackson serves on the editorial boards of the FIU Hospitality Review, International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology, Journal of Place Management & Development and the Journal of Tourism Insights.

His teaching, training and consulting areas of expertise include venture creation and growth, revenue management practices, hospitality business financial management and performance assessment, asset management, information assurance and security in the hospitality industry, accounting information systems, hotel real estate feasibility, planning and development, and lodging operations management.

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