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Linda P. Willis

Instructor, Business Communication Program    

M.Co., Speech Communication, Georgia State University
A.B., Journalism, The University of Michigan


Public speaking
Workplace culture and norms
Effect of communication technology access on individual communication output
Mass media and emerging technologies
Versatile use of technology and communication success


Ms. Willis has taught over 100 sections of BCOM 3950 since 1999 as a full-time instructor, from the time the course was an elite upper level elective to its present status as the required junior communication course that also addresses business professionalism.

She has guest lectured in several Freshman Learning Communities (FLCs), and sections of BUSA 3000, as well as Real Estate 3100, over various professional communication topics. In addition, from 2005 until 2008, on behalf of the Business Communication faculty, she helped secure Student Tech Fee grants totaling almost $90,000 and improving classroom technology in the dedicated BCOM classroom, as well as a computer lab in the RCB.

In 2004, Ms. Willis was a member of the first Faculty Learning Community sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Although technology plays a major role in delivering course materials in BCOM 3950, Ms. Willis remains determined to improve the professional writing and speaking skills of BBA candidates, one student at a time.

Professional Organizations: Association for Business Communication and the National Communication Association