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Soon-Ho Kim

Graduate Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor    
  • Ph.D., University of Florida
  • M.S., Kyunghee University
  • B.S., University of Santo Tomas
  • hospitality and tourism marketing research and consumer research
  • services marketing
  • cross-cultural marketing
  • coffee consumer research

Professor Kim is a graduate program director of the Master of Global Hospitality Management at the Robinson College of Business. His research interests center on consumer behavior in tourism and hospitality industry. His research appears in several leading journals including International Journal of Hospitality Management, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, International Journal of Tourism Research, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, International Journal of Sport Management, and the Journal of Vacation Marketing. He is also licensed Q Grader by Specialty Coffee Association of America since 2013.

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  • Kim, S-H., Holland, S., & Han, H-S. (2013). A structural model for examining how destination image, perceived value, and service quality affect destination loyalty: a case study of Orlando. International Journal of Tourism Research. 15(4), 313-328.
  • Kim, S-H., Han, H. S., Holland, S., & Byon, K. (2010). Relationships between involvement, brand equity, satisfaction, and destination revisit intentions. Journal of Vacation Marketing 15 (4), 349-365.
  • Lee, Y-K., Kim, S-H, Banks, H-S., Lee, K-H. (in-press). An Ethical work climate and its consequences among food-service franchise employees. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research.
  • Lee, Y-K, Kim, S-H., & Seo, M-K. (in-press). Franchise core competency and its relationship with environmental uncertainty, competitive advantage and financial performance; an empirical assessment of food-service franchise firms. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research.