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Subhashish Samaddar


Ph.D., Kent State University
M.B.A. Clarion University of Pennsylvania
B.E. Regional Engineering College, Durgapur, India


Business analytics and operations management
Organizational knowledge management
Information technology and decision strategy


Subhashish (Sub) Samaddar, Ph.D., CAP, is a professor of Managerial Sciences at the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. Dr. Samaddar’s research and teaching interests are in the broad area of business analytics and operations management. A winner of multiple research awards at both the national and regional levels, Dr. Samaddar has published in all premier journals in his field including in Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, the Journal of Operations Management, European Journal of Operations Research, and Decision Sciences among others. His research specializes in analytics, optimization, knowledge management, information technology and decision strategy.

Dr. Samaddar currently teaches business analytics for specialized graduate and undergraduate programs and research methods for the college’s Ph.D. program. Earlier he served as the director of the Ph.D. program in Decision Sciences. Collectively, Dr. Samaddar’s research, teaching, and consulting work focuses on multidisciplinary approaches for enhancing organizational effectiveness and management of complex supply systems.

A longtime member of INFORMS and the Decision Sciences Institute, Dr. Samaddar holds an honorary CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) by INFORMS. In addition, he recently helped INFORMS create the certification exam, currently chairs the INFORMS guide committee for the CAP professional certification, and is a member of INFORMS CAP Questions Review and Exam Committee as well as the INFORMS CAP Exam Question Writing Committee.

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