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Sushil Nifadkar

Assistant Professor    
Ph.D., Arizona State University
M.B.A., Lucknow University, Lucknow, India
B.A., University of Delhi, Delhi, India
Newcomer adjustment in Indian companies
Social networks and social capital in the Indian context
Leader-newcomer relationship in Indian organizations
Cross-cultural management

Sushil Nifadkar is an assistant professor at the Institute of International Business, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. He completed his Ph.D. in Business Administration from Arizona State University in 2009. His current research focuses on affective processes in newcomer adjustment and international management issues, especially as they relate to Indian organizations and business context. His research has been cited more than 300 times in more than 50 countries spread across six continents. One of his papers was recently published in Academy of Management Journal (globally ranked #3 in management research) and his work has also appeared in Journal of Management (globally ranked #2 in management research). In addition, he has published a book chapter on international organizational behavior research and presented his work at major international conferences. He received Journal of Management’s 2012 Best Paper Award for a paper published in 2007 based on scholarly impact and contribution to literature over the past five years. Also, Academy of Management’s OB Division adjudged him an outstanding reviewer in 2006. He has been a reviewer for Academy of Management Review (globally ranked #1 in management research), Journal of International Business and Academy of Management conferences. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on international management, emerging economies and international entrepreneurship. Prior to joining Georgia State University, Professor Nifadkar was a faculty member at University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada. In a previous life, Professor Nifadkar was a business executive in India.

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