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Yi Zhao

Associate Professor    

Ph.D., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
M.S., NanKai University
B.S., NanKai University

  • consumer choice model
  • dynamic models
  • interaction among consumers
  • Bayesian estimation methods
  • big data marketing
  • empirical modeling of firm strategy

Yi Zhao is an associate professor of marketing. His research interests include consumer choice models, dynamics and interaction of consumers’ preferences, empirical modeling of firms’ competitive strategy, Bayesian estimation methods and big data marketing. He is a 2015 Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Young Scholar. His research has appeared in leading journals such as Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Science.

  • Sarang, Sunder, V. Kumar and Yi Zhao (2016), “Measuring the Lifetime Value of a Customer in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry,” Forthcoming at Journal of Marketing Research.
  • Shah, Denish, V. Kumar and Yi Zhao (2015), “Diagnosing Brand Performance: Accounting for the Dynamic Impact of Product Availability With Aggregate Data,” Journal of Marketing Research, 52(2), 147-165.
  • Zhao,Yi, Sha Yang, Vishal Narayan and Ying Zhao (2013), “Modeling Consumer Learning from Online Product Reviews,” Marketing Science, 32(1), 153-169.
  • Zhao, Yi, Ying Zhao and Kristiaan Helsen (2011), “Consumer Learning in a Turbulent Market Environment: Modeling Consumer Choice Dynamics in the Wake of Product Harm Crisis,” Journal of Marketing Research, 48(2), 255-267.
  • Yang, Sha, Yi Zhao, Tülin Erdem and Ying Zhao (2010), “Modeling the Intra-Household Behavioral Interaction,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47(3), 470-484.
  • Yang, Sha, Yi Zhao and Ravi Dhar (2010), “Modeling the Under-Reporting Bias in Panel Survey Data,” Marketing Science, 29(3), 525-539.
  • Zhao, Yi, Ying Zhao and Inseong Song (2009), “Predicting New Customers’ Risk Type in the Credit Card Market,” Journal of Marketing Research, 46(4), 506-517.