RCB Conference Rooms

The Robinson College of Business has nine conference rooms available for use by faculty and staff. There are some restrictions on who may book these rooms, and for what purpose; that documentation can be viewed under the Room Reservation Policy.

Steps to Book a RCB Conference Room

Step 1

Identify which room you are interested in using and who is responsible for scheduling it. RCB Rooms operate on a decentralized system and individual units retain priority usage of their spaces and reserve the right to refuse any requests. Reservations are not guaranteed until confirmed.

If applicable check the corresponding real time calendar link to ensure your date and time is free prior to submitting the request.

Rooms at 35 Broad Street
Room Room # Seats Contact Availability
4th floor CEPRIN Conference Room 401 8 Vanessa Browne Calendar 
4th Floor Savannah Room 413 12 / 24 Erica George Calendar 
5th floor Tax Library 502 14 Carla Hines Calendar 
6th floor Conference Room 600 10 Veda Jackson Calendar 
Manners Room 710 71 Erica George Calendar 
Teaching Innovation Laboratory 821 30 Erica George Calendar 
10th floor Conference Room 1000 14 Yvette Hall Calendar 
11th floor CEAR Seminar 1122 24 / 40 CEAR Calendar 
12th floor Conference Room 1200 22 Erica George Calendar 

Rooms at 55 Park Place
Room Seats Contact Availability
Training Room 1 100 Erica George Use form below to request availability
Training Room 2 20 Erica George Use form below to request availability
Training Room 3 20 Erica George Use form below to request availability
19th Floor Conference Room 24 Erica George Calendar 

Visit events.gsu.edu for a listing of other event spaces on campus.

Step 2

Fill out the form below and submit. This will send the email request to the party responsible and carbon copy the person submitting the request as well. If you need to schedule multiple room requests at once, you can email the contact listed above.

RCB Room Request Form

Use this form below to request a single event. If you are trying to book multiple events send an email directly to contact listed above.
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