University Deadlines for Cross Registration


fall semester
July 26
spring semester
December 1
summer semester
May 1

Outgoing Cross-Registration Students

Cross registration enables Georgia State students to take courses at any of the 20 member institutions of the Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education and receive credit, while paying tuition costs to the home institution. The intent of the program is to allow qualified students to take course work in their area of study that is not available on their own campuses. Graduate students must have the approval of the faculty advisor or department chair from their home institution and must be enrolled at Georgia State during the term of cross registration.

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Incoming Cross-Registration Students

The Robinson College of Business is a popular choice for students seeking cross-registration credits. You must be a graduate student in good standing at your home campus and be currently enrolled at one of the ARCHE or USG schools to participate. Please be prepared to share a student copy of your transcripts/academic program to verify that all prerequisites are met.

Robinson graduate classes that are excluded from cross registration:

  • Master’s Orientation
  • MBA 8000 – Managing in the Global Economy
  • MBA 8015 – Strategic Business Communication
  • All Field Study/Directed Reading Courses
  • All Executive MBA, Professional MBA and Global Partners MBA courses


  • All online courses must be approved. First priority goes to Robinson graduate students.
  • No overflows for closed classes are permitted as cross registrations.
  • Study abroad options are not permitted as cross registrations.
  • Prerequisite classes are strictly enforced.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions after reading and viewing this information, your assigned advisor in the Robinson College of Business is available to provide assistance.

Other Notes of Interest

Graduate students who obtain cross-registrant status will receive emails at their official GSU email address. To set up your GSU student email account, visit

  • Click Getting Started with PantherMail>
    (This brings up step-by-step instructions to set up an email account.)
  • Click Launch PantherMail
  • Your login ID will be your
  • Your initial password will be your panther number
  • During your first log in, you will be asked to provide account information

To forward your PantherMail to another email account:

  • Go to
  • Click Launch PantherMail
  • Click Sign In
  • Sign in using your student email address and password
  • Click Inbox
  • Click Options
  • Click Organize
  • Click Inbox Rules
  • Click New Rule
  • Create a New Rule for Arriving Messages
    (A new Rule Description panel will open.)
  • Click Forward or Redirect and choose Redirect the Message to people or distribution lists
  • In the left panel, click People or Distribution Lists
    (An Address Book panel will open.)
  • At the bottom, in the To field, type the address to which you wish to have your mail redirected.
  • Click OK
  • Click Save
  • Go to Microsoft’s website for full details on creating and managing rules »