Updating Emergency Contacts

How to Remove the Emergency Contact Hold

As soon as you are accepted, an Emergency Contact Hold is automatically placed on your record.

The Emergency Contact hold can be removed by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to PAWS
  2. On the OneStopShop Tab, in the GoSOLAR panel open the Personal Information Menu.
  3. Click the Update Emergency Contacts – Select Contact link.
  4. Minimum required for Emergency Contact info:
    • First enter your personal contact information (how the University can contact you in case of a campus emergency) with the “Relationship” type of Reach Me in Emergency.
    • Second enter one other person’s emergency contact information (how the University needs to contact your relative, friend, etc. in case of an emergency involving you) with the appropriate “Relationship” type.

    Note: If you are a new international student and only have an international phone number, leave area code and phone number blank, hit Submit Changes, and complete process to remove the hold. Then, add the international phone number for your emergency contact under “Change Address(es) and Phone(s)” on the Personal Information Menu in GoSOLAR.

  5. Once you have entered both types of contacts and Save them, the Emergency Contact Hold will be removed.