Graduate Assistantships

In some departments in the Robinson College of Business, graduate assistantships are available to graduate students. Availability is on a very limited basis. Graduate assistantship appointments may not be submitted until acceptance to a graduate program has been granted.

Applications will only be accepted via e-mail attachment.

Graduate assistants work up to 20 hours per week, per semester. In general, graduate assistants are expected to have availability to work on campus during the normal weekday hours of operation (8:30 a.m. ‐ 5:00 p.m.). Concurrent with assistantship appointments, doctoral students may not engage in other outside employment.

To apply for a graduate assistantship appointment, students must complete the Graduate Assistantship Application and submit it, along with a resumé, as an e-mail attachment to Graduate assistant applications and/or resumés do not need to be sent to any of the Robinson College of Business departments, as consideration for a position may not be granted unless the application and/or resumé is sent according to these instructions as listed. After the application has been approved, it will be made available for departments that have a budget for graduate assistants (as listed the appropriate section below). These departments will directly contact students whom they wish to hire. Any questions regarding the availability of graduate assistantship positions should be directed to the department contacts listed in that section.

Please note: Students should not go door to door or use spamming methods to look for graduate assistantships within the college.

To ensure timely progress toward completion of their degree, master's students holding graduate assistantships must register for a minimum of nine credit hours of academic coursework required by their major during the fall and/or spring semesters and a minimum of six credit hours of academic coursework required by their major during the May/summer semester during which an assistantship is held. International students are required to register for a minimum of nine credit hours of academic coursework to meet visa requirements. They should check with International Student Scholar Services about registration and requirements for summer semester.

Master's and doctoral students must maintain satisfactory academic standing during the period(s) of their appointment including having a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

Registering for less than the required minimum credit hours of academic coursework and/or having a GPA below 3.0 will result in loss of an assistantship.

All graduate assistants, including international students currently holding a J-1 or F-1 VISA must have a U.S. social security number in order to be considered for a graduate assistantship position. International students who do not have a U.S. social security number should request a commitment to employment letter from their hiring department once they’ve been awarded an assistantship. Please take this letter to a local Social Security Administration office to complete an application for a U.S. social security number.

Download an application for a social security card 

Learn more about applying for a social security card 

Robinson graduate assistants receive tuition waivers. However, they must still pay for items such as registration fees, mandatory student fees and health insurance fees. Nonpayment of applicable fees will result in cancellation of course registrations, and loss of the assistantship and tuition waiver. For a complete breakdown of costs, visit the student accounts website »
Premium program students who receive tuition waivers from a graduate assistantship are still responsible for the rest of the tuition and fees associated with those programs.

Note: Increases in mandatory student fees generally occur in fall semester.

After receiving a tuition waiver for a graduate assistantship, students should check with the Office of Student Accounts or log into their student accounts to inquire about the out-of-pocket fees due for the semester.

Georgia State University awards tuition waivers based on the total amount earned on assistantships per semester, not on the amount that is paid for each appointment. Under the university's guidelines, graduate assistants will receive tuition waivers as follows:

Total semester earnings (sum of all assistantship appointments) Tuition waiver Georgia State will award that student
Fall & Spring Semesters Summer Semester  
$2,000 or more $1,000 or more Full tuition waiver
$1,000-$1,999 $500-$999 Partial (50%) tuition waiver
Less than $1,000 Less than $500 No waiver

Many departments offer GA appointments of $1,000 for the fall and/or spring semester and/or $500 for the May/summer semester resulting in a half waiver for the student. Students will often seek out additional/multiple appointments to increase their semester stipend resulting in a full waiver. This can be done by simultaneously engaging in various assistantship appointments within other departments of the Robinson College of Business, or with other departments across the University.

Graduate assistants receiving full tuition waivers are required to have full health insurance coverage. The University System of Georgia contracts with third parties to provide student health insurance at a reduced premium.

Learn more about the costs 

The health insurance premium paid during spring semester covers January 1–July 31; it covers graduate assistants for spring and May/summer semesters. Students who receive their first graduate assistantship during May/summer semester will be charged a pro-rated (reduced) health insurance premium for that period. There is usually an increase in health insurance premiums each fall semester.

You have the option to purchase health insurance from an outside agency. If you are already covered under another health insurance plan, you may waive out of the plan that will be automatically assigned to you once your full tuition waiver is applied by going to Georgia State's Student Accounts website »

Each semester, graduate assistants receive a flat rate stipend for each appointment they receive. Each appointment is equivalent to eight hours of work per week.

Graduate assistant stipends are paid in four equal installments during the semester:

Last business day of September, October, November and December
Last business day of January, February, March and April
Last business day of May
Six- and seven-week summer session
Last business day of June and July

Within three days of receiving notification of an appointment, students must immediately complete the Graduate Assistant Hiring Packet in Georgia State's Office of Human Resources (One Park Place South, third floor). Failure to do so will delay stipend payments.

Note: Not completing your hiring packet within the Office of Human Resources may result in loss of pay and a possible loss of assistantship(s) for the semester. Retroactive payments may not be issued for a month or semester in which the hiring packet was not completed on time within HR.

Average stipend ranges per appointment, per term are as follows:

GA Level Fall/Spring Maymester Summer Maymester and Summer
Master's Students




Ph.D. Students

$3,100 per course

$3,100 per course

$3,100 per course

$3,100 per course
Work Hours Per Appointment Average: 136 Average: 40 Average: 72 Average: 112

Total stipends for graduate assistants should not exceed $12,000 per semester and cannot exceed $36,000 per academic year.

Graduate assistants who are students within the Robinson College of Business and receive full tuition waivers are registered for the college-wide graduate assistantship evaluation courses BA 8510 and/or BA 9510. Robinson's graduate assistantship coordinator will apply appropriate evaluation credit hours to the student’s registration. Since the students receive full tuition waivers, they will not be charged for these evaluation hours. These credit hours should not be deleted, and the student should not withdraw from the course. The credit hours may be adjusted to accommodate additional course registration by sending an email to “Reduce the hours listed for BA 8510/9510” to

To be rehired as a graduate assistant, an overall satisfactory evaluation is required. The faculty member for whom the student worked during the semester submits a grade of either “S” for satisfactory or “U” for unsatisfactory. Future hire is prohibited for students who receive an unsatisfactory evaluation for two consecutive semesters.

Georgia State University abides by the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirements. All Robinson graduate students and post-doctoral fellows engaged in empirical research activities at Georgia State are required to undertake RCR training as part of their requirement for graduation and employment. Research activities may include research that leads to contributions to knowledge that will be disseminated to scientific and artistic communities through publicly accessible formats such as journals, books, magazines, working papers, etc. Graduate assistants who have not previously completed RCR requirements will need to complete training in order to be in compliance with the university’s regulations.

How to Obtain RCR Training

Two steps must be fulfilled:

CITI Training
Students must take the online basic level of training and submit the completion form to the Ph.D. program office (35 Broad St., room 831). Students should include their Panther ID number on the form.
RCR Training
Students must take a five-hour mandatory discussion session. In order to register, students must email to be added to the list.

Learn more about the requirements 

Your graduate research assistantship application will be accessible by the following departments in the Robinson College of Business:

Department Contact Person Email
Accountancy Carla Hines
Career Advancement Center Veda Jackson
Center for Ethics & Corporate Responsibility Molly Nuttall
Center for Process Innovation Vanessa Browne
Computer Information Systems Denise Wilson
Economic Forecasting Center Courtney Raines
Executive MBA Program Yessenia Calle
Finance Christine Brown
Hospitality Administration Esther Yi
International Business Paula Huntley
Managerial Sciences Annie Dillard
Marketing Karen Galanski
Professional MBA Program Charlene Jefferson
Real Estate Christine Brown
Risk Management & Insurance Carmen Brown

Once you have read over each of the sections above, refer to the "Downloads and Links" section below, read over Georgia State University's Graduate Assistant Policy, fill out Robinson's Graduate Assistantship Application, and email both your application and résumé to