How to Access and View Your Academic Evaluation

Note: To access GoSolar you will need your Campus ID and password.

  1. Login to GoSolar
  2. Under Main Menu, select Student Records Menu
  3. Choose View Academic Evaluation
  4. Select Term – and select Submit
  5. Select Generate New Evaluation
  6. Your most current curriculum program information will appear.
  7. Select Generate New Evaluation at the bottom of screen
  8. The next screen will give you an option to select two parts of your CAPP:
    1. To view Academic Evaluation and Submit — this will include a summary of your degree program and course requirements, as well as acceptable transfer credit
    2. Select Program Non-Course Requirements and Submit — this will include all non-course requirements and courses not being used in the program
  9. To print your Academic Evaluation select the Print function on your browser’s toolbar