What does it cost?

Tuition per credit hour:
Georgia residents: $499
Non-Georgia residents: $1,308

Tuition is subject to change. Refer to the Tuition tab below for additional details.

How long will it take?

Students can complete the certificate at their own pace, but we suggest completing the program in two semesters by taking two courses each semester.

Online classes are offered in both synchronous and asynchronous formats. Synchronous courses are typically held in the evenings from 7:15-9:45 p.m. EST, accommodating professionals who can attend class after work from any continental U.S. timezone.

Where can I take classes?
Atlanta Campus, Online

This program can be completed either online or as a mix of online and in-person.

Application Deadlines View Admissions Requirements

The Robinson College of Business reviews applications on a rolling basis. The deadlines below are intended to serve as benchmarks. Due to our rolling admissions process, we encourage you to apply as early as possible.

Applicants can expect to receive a decision within six weeks of the Office of Graduate Admissions receiving all required materials.

Students can enter the program in the fall, spring, or summer.


Actuarial Science, Graduate Certificate

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The Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science will prepare you to transition into the actuarial science field. Talent in this arena is in extremely high demand. By taking just four courses, you will get ready for the P (Probability) and FM (Financial Mathematics) exams needed to become a credentialed actuary while building relevant insurance, statistics, and coding knowledge.
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Apply Your Certificate Toward a Future Master’s

You can take your certificate even further, if you decide. Credits from your courses can be applied toward our Master of Actuarial Science program, upon admission. You can dip your toe in now, and dive all in later—whatever makes sense, considering your unique situation and goals.

Program Highlights

#1 in North America and #4 in the world for research productivity in actuarial science among North American business schools

We are the ONLY Center for Actuarial Excellence in the Southeast.

The department is designated as a Global Center for Insurance Excellence by the International Insurance Society.

Program Details

Application Requirements

Learn more about the application process and what you will need to apply.

*This certificate program does not qualify for the I-20/F-1 visa. However, it can be completed online with class times in EST.

Required Courses

AS 8140 – Probability
This course covers univariate probability distributions, including the binomial, negative binomial, geometric, hypergeometric, Poisson, uniform, exponential, gamma, and normal; multivariate joint distributions; conditional and marginal distributions; moments and generating functions; transformations of random variables; order statistics; and the central limit theorem.

AS 8230 – Financial Mathematics
This course covers topics including measure of interest, accumulation and discount, force of interest, equations of value, annuities, perpetuities, loan amortization, yield rate, bonds and securities, duration and convexity, immunizations, determinants of interest rates, the term structure, and interest rate swaps.

Elective Courses
Choose two from the following:

ECON 8740 – Applied Statistics and Econometrics
This course develops basic knowledge of applied statistics and applied econometrics with particular emphasis on the relationship between economic variables. The first part of the course reviews statistical measures, random variables, and probability distributions. It will examine the role of a random sample and estimation and testing of parameters. The second part will introduce estimation approaches such as simple ordinary least squares and then multiple regression. These techniques will be applied to real data for the purpose of policy analysis in areas as diverse as health, labor markets, finance, development, and taxation.

MSA 8010 – Data Programming for Analytics
This course builds upon the student’s foundation of programming principles through the introduction of application programming for data analysis. Major areas covered include inheritance and polymorphism, common programming data structures, and file and database access. Students will implement data analysis applications, which will be evaluated according to advanced programming principles. The programming language will be noted in the course listing for each semester.

RMI 8400 – InsurTech: New Technologies in Insurance Markets
This course will explore how technology is changing the pricing, processes, and products in insurance markets. Participants will use lectures, case discussions, guest speakers, and student presentations to learn about areas in which technology is transforming insurance markets.

AS 8510 – Mathematical Finance for Actuaries
This course covers the mathematical finance portion of the Society of Actuaries’ curriculum that corresponds to SOA Exam IFM. Topics include risk-weighted returns, the Capital Asset Pricing Model and factor models, discrete and continuous-time pricing of financial derivatives including the binomial model and the Black-Scholes formula, and delta-gamma hedging. The course focuses on actuarial and insurance applications and on computational questions similar to those in Exam IFM.

The Graduate Certificate in Actuarial Science prepares quantitatively oriented students for the P (Probability) and FM (Financial Mathematics) exams needed to become credentialed actuaries. Students also will build relevant insurance, statistics, and coding knowledge.

Meet Your Faculty

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Assistant Professor

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Program Director; Clinical Associate Professor


Your recruiter is here to answer your questions and help you prepare a strong application.
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