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The degree requires completion of 120 credit hours. A student can expect to complete the degree in four years by taking 15 credit hours per semester (fall and spring).

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Atlanta Campus, Online (some courses)

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Students may enter the program in the fall, spring, or summer.

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Entrepreneurship , B.B.A.

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Entrepreneurship is more than just starting your own business. It’s a mindset—a way of thinking and acting. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute (ENI) develops business leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop, scale, and deliver products, services, and solutions to real-world problems. These skills and mindsets can be applied to a range of organizational contexts: as a sole entrepreneurial startup, as key members of a founding team, or as an entrepreneurial member of a larger organization.

The major in entrepreneurship equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset of problem solving, critical thinking, and team-working skills. The program provides a foundation to address customers’ problems with effective solutions. In today’s fast-paced, dynamic economy, employers value an entrepreneurial mindset in new hires across a wide range of jobs and industries. Furthermore, students with entrepreneurial skills are better prepared to successfully establish and grow their own business.BBA

Program Highlights


LaunchGSU is an incubator open to all Georgia State students looking to hustle and build something from the ground up. Students are encouraged to Connect, Collaborate, and Create through learning and mentorship opportunities for ideation, validation, and rapid prototyping.


Startup Incubation and Mentoring

In this immersive course (ENI 4201), students work one-on-one with an entrepreneur-in-residence to receive coaching and seed funding for their startup ventures.


Main Street Entrepreneurs Seed Fund

Georgia State’s Main Street Entrepreneurs Seed Fund (MSESF) assists underrepresented student entrepreneurs, recent alumni, and Georgia State community entrepreneurs with seed funding and mentorship to start and grow new ventures.



At the Entrepreneurship House Living Learning Community (E-House LLC), entrepreneurial students live on campus and participate in a variety of opportunities to connect with like-minded residents. This partnership between Georgia State Housing and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute supports students with facilities and programming to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to fruition. Are you interested in living in an exciting entrepreneurial environment?


Program Details

High School Seniors and Recent Graduates
If you’re a senior in high school or if you graduated from high school within the last two years, you’ll apply to begin your bachelor’s degree program using Georgia State’s Common Application.

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International students
International applicants are those students who are in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa (B-1, H-1, J-1, etc.), students who are living outside the U.S. and who will require an F-1 visa to study in the United States, students who are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency status, but have not yet received the Permanent Residency card or students who have been educated outside the U.S.

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Transfer students
If you’re already in college but need a change, transferring to Georgia State can provide you with the opportunities you need to succeed — in school and after graduation.

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Required Major Courses

ENI 3101 - Entrepreneurial Thinking
ENI 3102 - Product-Services Design for New Ventures
ENI 3103 - Business Model Validation
ENI 4100 - Scaling a New Venture

Three additional 3000- or 4000-level entrepreneurship courses chosen from the below:

ENI 3100 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENI 3400 - WomenLead in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENI 4000 - Corporate Entrepreneurship
ENI 4020 - Business Law for Entrepreneurship
ENI 4060 - Technology Law for Entrepreneurship
ENI 4101 – Introduction to International Entrepreneurship
ENI 4201 - Startup Incubation and Mentoring
ENI 4350 - Technology for Entrepreneurs
ENI 4389 - Directed Readings in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ENI 4900 - Entrepreneurship & Innovation Internship

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Check out our cost calculator or visit Student Financial Services for information on estimated costs.

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The major in entrepreneurship equips student with an entrepreneurial mindset of problem-solving, design-thinking, and team working skills to address customers’ problems with effective solutions. From developing business models and conducting customer discovery to prototyping products and pitching business ideas, this program explores many angles of the entrepreneurial journey regardless of the industry.


A major in entrepreneurship can lead to a number of business opportunities and lifelong employment in almost any industry. Whether it’s creating your own company (or a “side hustle” that becomes a company), working for a startup, or joining an existing organization that’s looking to innovate, you will be able to see the business world from multiple views and how they relate.


business consultant

intrapreneur marketing and PR representative

product researcher/product developer

sales manager

startup consultant/mentor/investor

Marvin Hitson Jr.

2019 B.B.A. in entrepreneurship

Marvin Hitson Jr. received Georgia State’s first-ever B.B.A. in entrepreneurship diploma. With his professional partner, he is building a rental platform similar to Airbnb. Hitson is also preparing to launch a podcast that features thoughts and lessons about business, and weaves in personal testimonies.

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Sharee Stephen

2020 B.B.A. in entrepreneurship

Sharee Stephen has launched two successful businesses including integrated communications company Sharegenius and cosmetic line voilaMama Cosmetics. Looking beyond graduation, Stephen is currently evaluating offers from several companies in three major cities while also planning to pursue her own business ventures. When asked about her favorite ENI experience, Stephen replied, “All of the workshops and events. They have all done something for me in different ways.”

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Kiara Henry

2020 minor in entrepreneurship

Even before graduating with her minor in entrepreneurship in 2020, Kiara Henry co-founded Upstart Branding, which specializes in building brand identities and content for startup companies. Henry always felt supported by ENI staff. “I felt like I was at home,” she said. “I could pop into anyone’s office and leave with new knowledge or direction.”

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Georgia State graduate student adebola aguda walking through the streets of downtown atlanta.

Through Digital Learners to Leaders, student-led teams create digital solutions to real challenges. You’ll grow digital skills and develop your portfolio, with support and guidance from a diverse group of technology professionals in Atlanta’s education, business, government, and non-profit communities.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) is a nationwide community of entrepreneurially motivated students who meet through workshops, trips, and events. Are you interested in how companies have come to change the world? Are you excited by the idea of being your own boss? Do you love being driven and motivated to be the best you can be? Join CEO today.

With social entrepreneurship beginning to become an important part of businesses at both the for-profit and nonprofit levels, SENC provides a space to help students take on the field by storm. The club provides workshops, competitions, and events to help increase members' depth of knowledge and skills related to social entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute hosts multiple events and workshops that provide real-world concepts and experiences to students who aspire to reshape the future through entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute hosts a webpage containing engaging entrepreneurial content through blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and social media.

Need funding for school? We’ve got you covered. Georgia State offers merit-based scholarship opportunities for student entrepreneurs.

Georgia State’s Main Street Entrepreneurs Seed Fund (MSESF) assists underrepresented student entrepreneurs, recent alumni, and Georgia State community entrepreneurs with seed funding and mentorship to start and grow new ventures.

In collaboration with Business RadioX, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute hosts an on-campus radio show featuring the impact Georgia State faculty, staff, students, and alumni have made on Atlanta’s business community.


For help with the admissions process, contact your admissions counselor.

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