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The degree requires completion of 120 credit hours. A student can expect to complete the degree in four years by taking 15 credit hours per semester (fall and spring).  Students in the Online B.B.A. Degree Completion Program can apply credits from their associate’s degree or an undergraduate program at another college.

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Atlanta Campus, Online (see details*)

*This program is eligible for the Online BBA Completion program (see below).

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Marketing, B.B.A.

Bruce Pilling, associate professor
[email protected]

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The B.B.A. in Marketing program provides students with fundamental preparation in general marketing and an understanding of markets and customers, product development, pricing strategies, advertising and promotion, and methods of distribution.

Hands-on Opportunities

The Department of Marketing prides itself on innovation in the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities and classes to gain practical knowledge, develop networks, hone leadership skills, and learn more about the real world.

Social Media Marketing

MK 4305 - In teams of four to six, students act as social media consultants for real companies. After meeting with their clients and identifying objectives, the groups perform an audit and ultimately present a professional social media plan. Often the companies are so impressed that they invite students to share their findings with the rest of the organization or even the board. Some students have received full-time job offers as a result of the project.

Advertising Campaigns

MK 4310 - In groups of four to five people, students operate as miniature advertising agencies to complete a comprehensive national advertising plan. Each group consists of a representative from the four functional areas of advertising: account management, media, creative and research. The end product, which typically comprises 100 pages, is an excellent deliverable for students to bring to job interviews and, hopefully, land their first job in the industry.

Systematic Creativity

MK 4315 - During what the instructor calls quick-fire sessions, a business leader briefly discusses his/her business to provide students a little background. Student groups receive approximately 1.5 hours to generate creative solutions for the business and then present those ideas in class. The instructor and the business leader judge the presentations based on their creativity and usefulness/feasibility.

The course culminates in a project that student groups, assigned by the instructor, complete for a company (their “client.”) The client visits class during the first half of the semester to brief students on the company and issues that need attention. Groups generate creative and feasible products and advertisements for the client and present those ideas during the last session of the semester. The instructor particularly looks for evidence that students use class-taught concepts and methods to back their recommendations.

Marketing Strategy

MK 4900 - In groups of five to six people and under the supervision of the professor, students spend the semester developing marketing plans for actual clients that have asked the Department of Marketing for help. Typically, the clients are small businesses, often entrepreneurial start-ups. However, students also have completed projects for national clients such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the American Gas Association, Credit Karma and the American Petroleum Institute.

Please note: while every section of the above courses might not include exactly the above projects, faculty incorporate real-world learning into the curriculum.

Earn an Additional Certificate

Students can pursue an undergraduate certificate in professional sales as well as advertising. Contact Bruce Pilling for additional information. BBA

Program Details

High School Seniors and Recent Graduates
If you’re a senior in high school or if you graduated from high school within the last two years, you’ll apply to begin your bachelor’s degree program using Georgia State’s Common Application.

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International students
International applicants are those students who are in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa (B-1, H-1, J-1, etc.), students who are living outside the U.S. and who will require an F-1 visa to study in the United States, students who are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency status, but have not yet received the Permanent Residency card or students who have been educated outside the U.S.

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Transfer students
If you’re already in college but need a change, transferring to Georgia State can provide you with the opportunities you need to succeed — in school and after graduation.

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Required Major Courses

MK 4010 - Marketing Metrics, Analysis and Problem Solving
MK 4100 - Buyer Behavior
MK 4200 - Marketing Research
MK 4900 - Marketing Strategy
Three additional 4000-level marketing courses

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The undergraduate program in marketing provides students with fundamental preparation in general marketing and an understanding of markets and customers, product development, pricing strategies, advertising and promotion, and methods of distribution. The program also develops the student’s capacity to solve managerial problems in marketing.

Online B.B.A. Degree
Completion Program

Finish your marketing degree online at your own pace.

Apply the credits from your associate’s degree or an undergraduate program at another college toward a B.B.A. in marketing at Robinson. Through one-on-one support with an academic advisor, you’ll design a convenient program of study that will strengthen your career.



Program graduates have gone on to work for a variety of well-respected companies including Adobe, Amazon, American Airlines, AT&T, Atlanta Hawks, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, The Coca-Cola Company, Hisense, NCR, Randstand USA, SunTrust and Turner Broadcasting Systems.

account coordinator

content marketing specialist

market analyst

digital marketing and branding assistant

marketing and public relations associate

sales consultant

social media marketing specialist

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Bruce Pilling, associate professor
[email protected]

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